July 16th, 2015


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After days of pain and agony and a year of blood lust I emerged from the Cullen's basement. My daughter was standing there holding a cup of deer blood. I drank it without looking at her.

I would never forgive her for biting me.

"But if I didn't turn you, the Volturri would have killed you!" she whined.

Only she didn't say it. Her words appeared in my head. Images of her with her sparkly, marble husband also appeared. Shuddering, I stalked out of the house, the thoughts of the Cullen's smacking me. Jacob was looking at my granddaughter thinking of how much he couldn't wait for her to grow up.

I groaned.

She could have at least asked me first! Explained what was going on. But typical Bella. She never tells me anything! She always lies, sneaks around, does whatever she wanted.

I had enough. I wanted my old life back. I wanted to be a cop.

I ran to La Push. At least the one good thing out of all of this was I could run fast.

I nearly gave my friend Billy a heart attack. He was thinking, he's dead! What's he doing here? Now he's a bloodsucker? No! I can barely even recognize him!

I didn't bother talking to him. What was the point? There was no way my friend would want to fish with me. I could hear all of his hate.

All the thoughts were, bloodsucker, treaty, where's the wolves, fear and hate. I went into the woods and stared into a stream.

I couldn't even recognize my own reflection! I looked like some kind of model or something. A SPARKLY model! Like someone had splashed glitter all over me.

Horrified I ran again and crashed into a medium sized grey wolf. Her thoughts were angry and confused. I dislodged myself from her.

Bella's dad? What's he doing here? She was thinking. I had never met this wolf before. How did she know me? The wolf ducked behind a rock and returned as a beautiful, young woman wearing a bikini. Harry Clearwater's kid.

"What are you doing here?" She asked.

"I don't know." I sat on a rock feeling miserable. Her weird wolf smell wafted around me. "You're one of Jacob's wolves?"

She growled. The sound was weird coming out of her human throat. She muttered swears under her breath and words I didn't really want to think about too closely.

"I don't have classes today, so I decided to visit. I don't know why I come back here. The other wolves hate me. They're too busy with their imprinted slaves to bother with our original purpose. Even my brother isn't interested."

"Vampire hunting?" I said. I half wanted her to kill me. I didn't want this. I wanted to be a normal human, hunting criminals, not taking down animals for blood. I thought for a moment.

"The Cullens drink animal blood." I said more to myself than her. She scoffed.

"Do other vampires do the same?" her thoughts told me as much. i didn't WANT to pry into people's brains. I didn't want to invade their privacy, but I just couldn't help it.

"So they can drink animal blood, but they choose to eat humans?" I asked her.

"The Cullens aren't any better." Leah sneered. "They probably could raise cows or something and drink those instead of endangered animals. But of course, they'd rather be fancy instead of being practical. Probably could donate the meat to animal shelters, but that's not good enough for them."

She had a point.

"So they KNOW other vampires drink humans and they don't DO anything about it?" I was horrified. I wanted to go out and nail these bastards. I couldn't stand the thought of innocent people dying. And to think my daughter wanted to become one of these things? "I'm going to do something about this!"

"You can't go against vampires alone." Leah said. "I can help!"

"You?" She looked delicate. I wanted to protect her. She stripped off her bikini before i could avert my eyes and exploded into the giant wolf again.

Oh, yeah. How could I have forgotten? The whole point of these wolves was to fight vampires. And imprint on girls, Leah's thoughts had told me.

She gave me a wolfish grin. She was picturing us taking on evil vampire after evil vampire. I'd have a purpose. WE'D have a purpose.

"But don't you have college?"

Not everyday. Besides. Summer's almost here.

I raised my hand, she raised her paw. We bumped them together. This would be the start of something beautiful.

"Except you smell terrible." I told her. She thought, I was one to talk.