July 17th, 2015


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I didn't know why I bothered coming here. Even my brother had imprinted.

I hope it didn't happen to me. The idea grossed me out. Fixating on a person, stalking them until they had no choice but to give in. I thought of Sam and Emily. How I got tossed aside like trash so he could obsess over and stalk my cousin. Then he had the nerve to rip off half her face.

No, they could keep this part of being a werewolf. They all seemed to think the battle was over. The Cullens were off doing their thing. Being rich and pale. There hadn't been a vampire attack in months.

So they thought.

I was off at Washington State majoring in pre-law. I had friends who weren't constantly in my brain. The work was fun and challenging. I wanted to be a lawyer and fight for the little guy.

It had taken some time to control my wolf self. So many things made me want to explode into a horse-sized wolf ready to tear out throats. I wasn't ready to give up all of this power though. Not when I could put it to use.

I was proud of being the first female wolf of this pack.

Besides, the battle wasn't over. I didn't know why the boys couldn't figure this out.

Wandering in the woods with a bikini tied around my leg so I wouldn't freak people out i could hear their thoughts. All of them were focused on girls. Was that all they could think about?

Angry, I ran through the woods, loving my speed when suddenly I smelled a disgusting vampire and crashed into him in shock.

It was Bella's dad, Charlie. As if he had been turned into a sparkly male model. I was horrified at first, but when he revealed he wanted to team up and go after bloodsuckers, I was ready.

Finally. A useful vampire! Someone who wanted to use his power for good and not just sit on his glittering white ass!

The tricky part was classes. I had weekends free. We watched the news, I looked online trying to find patterns.

Charlie was not good at using the internet. I had to teach him and he caught on quick.

Our first kill was a lucky coincidence like our meeting. i was just walking through the streets of Seattle when i smelled a blood sucker. He dragged off a woman and was trying to drink her dry. Before I could even wolf out he ran off leaving the woman confused and dazzled.

I called Charlie and he was on the scene in a few hours. Super speed and he still would rather drive. It baffled me.

We sniffed around for the bloodsucking leech. We hung out in cafes at night. We skulked around in Charlie's car.

Finally Charlie heard the vampires thoughts. In a matter of minutes we turned him into body parts. We dragged him into the woods to burn his body. I roasted marshmallows on the purple flames making smores.

I offered one to Charlie who gave me weird looks as he turned it down.

"That's the one thing I miss." He said with a sad sigh. "Chocolate. Eating food. I miss sleeping and dreaming too. I never knew how nice it was to just close your eyes and have all kinds of crazy dreams. It was like my brain was making a movie."

"Being a werewolf is better." I told him. "I can eat what I want. Sleep and I'm not a marble manikin. No offense."

He looked so glum. I wanted to cheer him up somehow, but I didn't know how. In his position I'd be pretty pissed too. In fact, I had been in his position. Having a change I never wanted forced onto me. I made the best of it. I wasn't going to let being a werewolf stop me from doing what I wanted to do. I was going to use my powers to help people. Even if the rest of my team was too busy imprinting on little girls to do their jobs. No vampires were going to kill humans as long as I was around. And when we got powerful enough, one day we'd take on the Volturri.

I wouldn't rest until every serial killing bloodsucker was dead. I knew Charlie agreed with me.